State of the coaster.

Sorry for the lack of coaster updates.

First off, libburn is now What this means is that it
has a very good chance at becoming all we hoped for. A standard library
for linux and a very powerful library are in the bright future of
libburn. There have been a lot of patches going into the codebase and we
will hopefully see an alpha release by the weekend. is the site page and is the mail
list. A update was sent out a couple weeks ago about the project and can
be read in detail at

On the UI side of things, a new module, coaster-gui, has been added to
cvs. The UI code is now being developed in here. The coaster and
libcdburn modules will be removed at some point and are obsolete at this

The UI is mainly being developed by myself and Bryan Forbes in c++. Main
libburn integration can take place soon as the libray hits a API freeze
this weekend. One of the other projects I am working on is libcoaster
and will feature commmon libburn tasks and gui capplets to use in gnome.
The idea behind this is to provide the user with a uniform configure
point for their burner. I hope nautilus and rhythmbox will adopt
libcoaster for this reason. Once I get what I want in libcoaster done,
we can then integrate that into the UI and also tie in libburn as well.
What can be done at this point in coaster-ui is HIG, capplet, and
translation work.

The best way to disscus coaster/libburn development is in #coaster on That is where libburn and coaster developers idle most of
the time. ManMower is the main libburn guru and myself (harshy) and
mxpxpod are the main UI guys. Questions, comments, and complaints are
always welcome.

One other change coaster will see is that of the website. I plan to
totally rewrite the code and have updated information and screenshots by
the end of the month. I do apologize again for the look of a dead
project as stated at OSnews. The article is at We are not dead, but
working hard to make libburn work before anything else.

Look for more updates in the comming weeks for a libburn release
announcement and a website update. Until next time, happy hacking.

Sean Harshbarger
harshy dersoldat org

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