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On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 09:34, Greg & Erica WOLSKI wrote:
> Hi my name is Greg Wolski. I live in Santa Rosa, California.
> I am new in Linux area. Actually my RH9 arrives today and I am going to
> install it ASAP.
> I am also a computer science student at SRJC. I am actually a beginner, but
> I know some C++. I still have to learn a couple of things before I'll be
> able code what I want.

Well, welcome Greg.

This is kinda an open ended question - it really depends on you.  In
general a good way to start out in a project is to grab a bug in the bug
database ( in our case) and start trying to fix it. 
If you have any questions about bugs, or which bugs are important, feel
free to ask.  Most people are willing to help point you in the right
direction.  You might install your Redhat, and then figure out what
really bothers you and try to fix it :)  (scratch your itch)

Also, I belive that there was a group of folks that were starting to
look at making 'sound themes' for GNOME.  I'm not sure who was doing
that or the status, but this paragraph might get their attention :)  It
sounds like you have some background in creating music - which would
definitely be part of that.

Lastly, GNOME may be a good place to start, but it sounds like you may
be interested in higher level applications.  Some names that you can
Google for include: Rosegarden, GLAME and Solfege.  Again, this depends
on your interests.

Remember, always have fun :)


PS - A good place to get multimedia software for Redhat is

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