Re: libcdburn renaming ideas

On 28 Apr 2003, Sean Harshbarger wrote:

> Date: 28 Apr 2003 06:43:10 -0400
> From: Sean Harshbarger <harshbarger 13 osu edu>
> To: Coaster-Devel list <coaster-devel lists sourceforge net>
> Cc: Gnome-media list <gnome-multimedia gnome org>
> Subject: libcdburn renaming ideas
> I sent this to both lists again for more input.
> We have been talking about renaming libcdburn to something more

Why change it at all?
The current name is functional, meaningful and clear and features no puns
involving Gnu Gnome KDE or QT.  Usability applies to names too.  The name
is pretty close to perfect.

> colorful. Here is a list of my favorites.
> libpickle
> libtoaster

of the alternatives libtoaster would be the one I dislike least, as there
have been a variety of CD Burning related applications making refernce to
toast and so at least some people will be able to guess what libtoast is
for simply by looking at the name.

> libbake
> libfry
> libetch
> libfire
> libhotdisc
> or to keep libcdburn.

change purely for the sake of change is not a good idea.

> I personally like libpickle as it follows the food idea as well as the
> preservation idea. Thanks goes to Clark on that one.

The name Coaster does not exactly inspire confidence either, but hopefully
it is so good and stable and not produce any coasters that users will see
the funny side.


Alan H.

PS disclaimer, all opionion of course, blah blah, etc.

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