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On Sun, 2003-04-20 at 21:38, Mark wrote:
> Some feedback on those shots:
> IMHO "Copy CD" and "CD Image" don't belong here. Copy CD would be better
> of in a "Tools" menu in the main program window. Also CD Session should
> be exportable as an iso, and Burning isos should also be in a "Tools"
> menu so "CD Image" is unnecesary.
> 1. Options should be in the burn dialog IMHO because they should be 
> the same for all cd types and only need to be set once per cd being
> created so don't need to be taking up space in the main UI.
> 2. I'd much prefer to see the file browser sepporated from the 
> notebook like in k3b ( ).
> This makes it possible to turn it off easily if you just want to
> DnD from a file manager. It's also much more consistent and easier to
> use this way, and means that you can have a tree pane like in
> k3b.
> Pitty nautilus's icon and list views aren't embedable..
> I could go on, but I'll wait until coaster devel hots up again...
There will be a lot of things that do change from what the screenshots
show, whats in cvs right now is different then what the screenshots
show. The layout will stay basically the same with new stuff added as
well as some of the older options moved around. The aim is to make it
simple and straight forward.

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