Re: Audio and Data CD burning

Another GNOME2 cdrom burning app that is going to use GStreamer is


On Sun, 2002-09-15 at 23:20, Manuel Clos wrote:
> Hi all,
> It seems that only Rhythmbox wants to provide CD burning support.
> I'm currently porting Gnome CD Master to gtkmm2. Gcdmaster only does 
> Audio CDs at the moment, and does not support mp3/ogg.
> The plan for gcdmaster is to use cddb-slave2 to get info about the CDs, 
> so it seems that cddb-slave2 consolidates as the cddb object. I would 
> like to know where it finally will be included (gnome-media or 
> monkey-media).
> I would like to use gstreamer for audio playback, this is, when you dump 
> a CD to disk and you get a big .bin file and a .toc file. So I supose 
> you can pass the audio stream to gstreamer and get it played. When doing 
> compilations from mp3/ogg, they must be decompressed first, then apply 
> any change that the .toc files specifies and finally get it played with 
> gstreamer. I have seen comments about monkey-media easing this, so I'm 
> asking for advice here.
> How will RB implement the burning? I would like to reuse that code. 
> Gcdmaster only uses cdrdao now. It uses the cdrdao trackdb library so it 
> can read/write .toc files transparently. Will RB be able to save a list 
> of wav/mp3/ogg for later editing? will use a new format or .toc, .cue, ...??
> For the mp3 CD, it means creating a iso image, this is, mkisofs and 
> cdrecord. Will it handle the programs directly? trhough a bonobo object? 
> in which format will the list be saved so it can be edited later?
> Will RB evolve into a full CD burning app?
> After I finish the gtkmm2 port of gcdmaster, I would like to implement 
> much of this stuff. I want to reuse as much code as posible, and avoid 
> duplication of effort.
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