Audio and Data CD burning

Hi all,

It seems that only Rhythmbox wants to provide CD burning support.

I'm currently porting Gnome CD Master to gtkmm2. Gcdmaster only does Audio CDs at the moment, and does not support mp3/ogg.

The plan for gcdmaster is to use cddb-slave2 to get info about the CDs, so it seems that cddb-slave2 consolidates as the cddb object. I would like to know where it finally will be included (gnome-media or monkey-media).

I would like to use gstreamer for audio playback, this is, when you dump a CD to disk and you get a big .bin file and a .toc file. So I supose you can pass the audio stream to gstreamer and get it played. When doing compilations from mp3/ogg, they must be decompressed first, then apply any change that the .toc files specifies and finally get it played with gstreamer. I have seen comments about monkey-media easing this, so I'm asking for advice here.

How will RB implement the burning? I would like to reuse that code. Gcdmaster only uses cdrdao now. It uses the cdrdao trackdb library so it can read/write .toc files transparently. Will RB be able to save a list of wav/mp3/ogg for later editing? will use a new format or .toc, .cue, ...??

For the mp3 CD, it means creating a iso image, this is, mkisofs and cdrecord. Will it handle the programs directly? trhough a bonobo object? in which format will the list be saved so it can be edited later?

Will RB evolve into a full CD burning app?

After I finish the gtkmm2 port of gcdmaster, I would like to implement much of this stuff. I want to reuse as much code as posible, and avoid duplication of effort.

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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