Re: Another Contribution

<quote who="Dan Mueth">

> This is good to hear.  As far as I know, the theming idea has not been
> implemented for sounds yet.  (Is that right?)

Sadly, yes. I'm sure Metatheme will take this up soon enough, but I don't
think the groundwork has been done yet. I'm sure this will be a handy
project for someone leading up to GNOME 2.0

> However a package of sounds with some brief instructions/recommendations
> for how to use them would be nice.  Perhaps this could be part of the
> "Extra apps" release?

I was hoping that some of the excellent sounds made could replace the
less-than-stallar default sounds in 1.4, and then 'theme packages' may be
distributed once there's a good interface for it.

> If you think you have a nice package of sounds for GNOME 1.4, I'd suggest
> joining the mailing list gnome-1 4-list gnome org and then emailing it to
> see if they will still accept new packages.

Here's hoping... Wheeee!

- Jeff

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