Re: EsounD noise reduction and Windows platform support

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, [ISO-2022-JP] 藤森 康文 wrote:

> PS: Who is current esound mainteiner? No response from Ricdude while
>     20 days. Is he very busy?

I just saw a post from Stanislav Brabec <utx penguin cz> that he is about
to make a new release of esound.  You can check out who has been hacking
on it lately by looking at the ChangeLog in the esound module in GNOME
CVS.  The MAINTAINERS file has:
Email: sopwith+esound redhat com
Email: ricdude toad net

I'd try sending an email to all 3 of these guys if you haven't gotten a
reply on your first email.


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