[gnome-mud] ANNOUNCE: gnome-mud 0.11.1


gnome-mud 0.11.1


GNOME-Mud is a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) client for X. It supports
aliases, triggers, multiple connections, command queuing, IPv6 servers
and implements more advanced MUD protocols like MSP or ZMP. It includes
a plugin interface, which can be used to add your own features (for
example, a graphical health monitor).  It uses the GTK+ toolkit, but it
can be used with any window manager.


This release fixes a few important problems that cropped up in 0.11.
A few segfaults and memory leaks have been plugged, but more importantly
a bug affecting telnet negotiation was finally spotted and fixed and
MCCPv2 support was added.


- Added MCCPv2 support [Les]
- New icon-based connection selector [Les]
- Removed duplicate entries from history [Les]
- Cleanups and improvements for several preference dialogs [Les]
- Fix a few segfaults and leaks [Les]
- Update Desktop file to current standards [Emilio Pozuelo Monfort]
- Use only toplevel GTK and GLib includes [Les]
- Telnet negotiation fixes (NAWS and TTYPE) [Les and Mart]
- Several improvements to the build system [Les]
- Updated translations:
  + Arabic [Djihed Afifi]
  + Spanish [Ulises Victor Genis Cuevas and Gabriel Ruiz]
  + Norwegian bokmål [Kjartan Maraas]
  + French [Yannick Tailliez and Claude Paroz]
  + Brazilian Portuguese [Flamarion Jorge and Leonardo Ferreira]
  + Swedish [Daniel Nylander]
  + Catalan [Jordi Mallach]



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