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Hi Robin!

Your new surname still makes you look like a stranger to my eyes. :)

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 11:08:05AM +0200, Robin Helgelin wrote:
> I haven't been active at all, but it seems progress is made.

Yes, Les has revamped the last bits for 0.11. Our plan is to release it
so people can test it and later on re-add the lost features in the
rewrite. The idea is to have 0.11 in the next days.

> I think it also might be time to drop the existing website at  
> sourceforge and move the a simple page over at Gnome live wiki?

Funny that you ask:
12:04 < jordim> README:    <URL:>
12:04 < jordim> heh, this needs to change :)
12:05 < les> want to point it to the wiki page for now?
12:05 < les> is still available ;)
12:05 < jordim> not "for now", I think we can make it the official
12:05 < les> sounds good
12:05 < jordim> shrug, having it in the wiki allows us to maintain it
12:06 < les> yeah i like the wiki

That happened 10 minutes ago on IRC. What a coincidence ;)

Happy to see you again around!

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