[gnome-mud] Automapper crashes

Dear Gnome-mud users,

I have noticed that the automapper makes gnome-mud crash quite often.
Usually, I create a map of a certain region and safe quite often in
different files. Since I don't know the cause of the crashes, I reload
the saved file directly after saving to see if the map can be loaded of
if I have to repaint it. Then I continue.

Now, when I try to extend the map in another region (I try to use a
single map for the whole world) it all works well until the first time I
try to save that includes the extended region. Gnome-mud crashes and the
produced file is significantly smaller in size.

Any suggestions? I have several files in case you want to reproduce the
crashes. I'm using version 0.10.7, installed from Debian/GNU Linux,
package version 0.10.7-1+b2.

By the way: it would be really great if:
- I could add colours to a region to express e.g. it's a forest, meadow,
desert etc,
- I could other visible attributes to a room to show it's e.g. a shop,
pub, etc.
- define multiple connections from one level to another level, because
sometimes, a house has two or more stairs.


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