Re: [gnome-mud] [patch] 64 bit crash

On Mon, 2005-03-14 at 09:26 +0100, Robin Ericsson wrote:
> Daniel Patton wrote:
> > Unfortunately, I can't confirm the fix until anoncvs catches up, sigh.
> > Looking at your other replies though, it seems to me that it's not a 64
> > bit bug anyway.

Yep, it works.

> No it isn't, but maybe the 64bit cpu behaves in a more sane way and 
> makes the problem more obvious?

As far as I know, it will be the 64 bit code rather than the cpu that
will help make the problem more obvious, as it's an AMD Opteron, and
it's supposed to switch to 32 bit mode on demand, though this may
require 32 bit libraries, which I don't have.  So basically, I don't
know. :-/

Daniel Patton <seven-nation army com>

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