Re: [gnome-mud] Uber Patch

Hey Robin,

On Thu, Dec 29, 2005 at 09:54:16AM +0100, Robin Ericsson wrote:
> >   About Window
> Commited.

I was discussing on IRC with orphean about this one. The patch removes
fine-grained gtk includes and replaces them with the whole gtk.h. We
should revert that.

> >   Resizable Input Widget (play with this, its fun!)
> Well, I can commit if you extract it from the patch :)

Hear, hear!

Robin, it'd be nice if you could join IRC, I was wondering why the patch
didn't apply. :) Also, you probably want to talk to Les so he knows how
to keep going. Now he's left with a tree with stuff that won't get
merged for now.

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