Re: [gnome-mud] Uber Patch

Les Harris wrote:
Okay Jordi, ignore the other patches, this one has all their stuff in

Hi, nice work! Just tested the new "wizard" and mud list.

I committed a small fix for the connection string patch you sent the other day. When making two connections quickly, one could run into problems.

I moved the data inside the view where it should be. One of my missions with the complete rewrite was the remove the need of global variables.

Here is a single patch file that patches against HEAD.  This adds
support for:
   C Plugins

I can't commit this with the current look. You've removed the connection abstraction at all. The plugins now don't have any ideas which view/connection they are working on. As we don't instanciate one plugin per view, we need this so that plugins can keep a state if needed.

   About Window


   Resizable Input Widget (play with this, its fun!)

Well, I can commit if you extract it from the patch :)


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