Re: [gnome-mud] What needs to be done...

Les Harris wrote:
... for a .11 release?

Well, basically all features from .10 but using glade instead :)

I've found 4 patches from you, is that correct? (Except from the plugins that is)

* crash fix
* mud list/connect patch
* connect/login
* resize

List of things I can think of off the top of my head:
	* Proper profile support
	* Trigger/Alias/Variable stuff
* Plugin interface (the old one for now) But this is completely borked atm if you try to compile it in.
	* OpenGL About Dialog with whizbang special FX and a 20 minute
	  long mp3 soundtrack.
definately :)

After .11 we can start working on features and make .12 that much
cooler.  And boy do I have features in mind ;)

Nice going so far.


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