Re: [gnome-mud] changes to automap

Am Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2004 13:41 schrieb Robin Ericsson:

> really sorry for the late answer, but I have little free time at the
> moment.

No problem. I understand that.

> Is this diff against 0.10? We (mostly me :) is currently rewriting
> gnome-mud completely into using glade instead of direct gtk-code. This
> can be found in cvs under the "gnome-mud-glade-branch"-branch.

I have the latest stable release. I don't know, how to access cvs, since the 
project turned of web browsing in sourceforge.

> That would be a nice. I had a quick look at zmud's mapper which seems to
> use access database format. It would be really cool if gnome-mud could
> set the standard xml to use for maps.

Another idea would be to use an SQL database. Maybe for rooms and items and 
monsters etc. I think the mapper could run as a plugin but that would come 
down to a complete rewrite. But if you plan to rewrite it using glade anyway, 
that might be an option.

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