Re: [gnome-mud] changes to automap

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 15:59 +0200, Felix Benner wrote:
> Hello,


really sorry for the late answer, but I have little free time at the

> I begun adding support for room types (like street, hill, forest, etc.)
> to the automap since I am playing a mud with large areas of rooms that
> are created as needed and have exits to all directions so the exit graph
> contains no information only room types are of interest. But since I'm
> only beginning to write in C for Gnome it might be improvable. I added
> the diff nontheless.

I haven't tried your patch, but I admire that you actually got around to
make changes in the mapper, something I never had time to do :)

Is this diff against 0.10? We (mostly me :) is currently rewriting
gnome-mud completely into using glade instead of direct gtk-code. This
can be found in cvs under the "gnome-mud-glade-branch"-branch.

I don't think I've touched the mapper code at the moment, but that would
be the next step as well. I know I haven't done much at all for a few
month now, but I'll try to get going again.

> I found the map file format hard to extend and would suggest switching
> to XML.

That would be a nice. I had a quick look at zmud's mapper which seems to
use access database format. It would be really cool if gnome-mud could
set the standard xml to use for maps.


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