Re: [gnome-mud] Little sample plugin

On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 15:51, Quim Rovira wrote:
> I've created a very simple sample plugin that logs the received mud 
> input matched agains a list of regular expressions. It still needs some 
> work to be of use, but by now I've been testing it as a say/tell catcher 
> with enough success. It allows multitab logging based on the matched 
> regexp, and uses the same vte terminal widget used in gnome-mud.
> I have no experience using the autotools, so the Makefile is actually a 
> little "hardcoded", and i'll try to modify it some time.
> I just thought it would be a little more complex C plugin example than 
> the actual test.plugin.

Wow, that is truly amazing that we actually got a c-plugin example that
actually do something :)

> P.S: Should the plugin-menu items feature be fixed or is it a waste of 
> time considering the libglade port on process?

Probably a waste of time :) However, you are welcome to port to api over
to libglade-port :)

> Thank you again for your great job on gnome-mud.

Thanks for helping us.

best regards
Robin Ericsson <lobbin localhost nu>

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