[gnome-mud] Gnome Mud compile on Fedora?

Being new to the group, I'm trying to get Gnome-mud to install on Fedora Core 1.
 So far it says I don't have the GTK libs installed, when I know I do.  I have
version 2.2-something of GTK, but yet when I run ./configure it stops and says
it can't find it.  Is there an easy way to fix this?  Gnome-mud looks like a
really good client and I would like to try it out.  Also, please be aware that
I'm knida new to Linux.  The error message said something about not being able
to find the GTK libs, and to link the packages from some file, (I think.)  I
tried to install another mud client, but I had the same results.  And yes, I'm
running gnome on my box.  (Fedora core is built off of RH9, I belive.)

Please help.  I am thinking of moving away from Windoze but I need to have a
good mud client to do so.  I just hate telnet.

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