Re: [gnome-love] Error during phase checkout of gdk-pixbuf

On Thu, 2011-02-24 at 12:13 -0800, bsquared wrote:
I receive this error often.  Ithought that

*** Checking out gdk-pixbuf *** [11/33]
git stash save jhbuild-stash
po/fr.po: needs merge
po/fr.po: needs merge
po/fr.po: unmerged (234f0fab7d726c8089a71a0611a1d034d9234703)
po/fr.po: unmerged (b9233bd1fff6bbd76749086a2b0d8430461f5bf3)
po/fr.po: unmerged (45ec943af2c0af4191aca473bad27832e4480904)
fatal: git-write-tree: error building trees
Cannot save the current index state
*** Error during phase checkout of gdk-pixbuf: ########## Error
running git stash save jhbuild-stash *** [11/33]

Git says 'you have some locally made changes to po/fr.po'.

If you don't have locally made changes run:
git reset --hard HEAD
(warning: this will delete any uncommitted changes)

If you haven't edited fr.po, maybe fr.po gets updated part of the build
process? Sorry I don't know about .po files.

Craig Keogh <cskeogh adam com au>

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