[gnome-love] Weather Forecast in Clock Applet

Hi all,
I am one of those people who would like to see the weather forecast in
the clock applet of gnome-panel:
Bug 562803 – Display weather forecast in clock applet

So I made a mock up and wanted to add this functionality.

I have downloaded and compiled the latest gnome-panel source but I am
wondering how I can run the panel. If I run the panel I get:

Cannot register the panel shell: there is already one running.

If I run gnome-panel --replace I get:

** (gnome-panel:30587): WARNING **: Error opening directory
'/usr/local/share/gnome-panel/applets': No such file or directory

which means the panel displays but my compiled clock applet is not
found. A pointer would be greatly appreciated.

More importantly I have found these mockups:


for GnomeShell. Is GnomeShell going to be the default with Gnome 3? In
that case the changes I plan on making would be no more than

Thanks for your input...


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