Re: [gnome-love] GSoC 2010 Proposal (fast image viewer)

On 03/20/2010 09:54 AM, Bastien Nocera wrote:
On Fri, 2010-03-19 at 21:23 +0200, Aleksey Kunitskiy wrote:

I'm student who is interested in implementing an OpenGL-accelerated
image viewer/organizer using C++/gtkmm/gtkglextmm for GNOME project.
I know there is a couple of projects such as eog[1], gThumb[2] and
gliv[3] that implement viewer[1], viewer+organizer[2] and
OpenGL accelerated viewer-only[3], but mine is kinda of coupling
those features listed above in one app. My application will be:

Those are all good and fine, but I don't think that GNOME wants to see
yet another image viewer project. Transpose your ideas to eog, which is
part of GNOME, and we might be onto something.

Or gThumb, which is closer to the organizing tool described in the original post. Aleksey, have you played with the current release ( It is a big improvement over the 2.10.x series, and it is being actively developed (in c mostly, although some parts are in c++, like the interface to exiv2).

The current development version of gThumb has a plugin architecture. This should allow for relatively painless addition of RAW-tweaking tools, for example.

gThumb currently calls dcraw to load RAW images, which is pretty clunky. Moving this to libraw shouldn't be very difficult. (Of course, it might be better to add a libraw pixbuf loader for all gtk apps to use!)

gThumb does preload images, of course, and has the tagging and cataloguing features that you mentioned. Clutter is used for the slide-shows if present; its use could probably be expanded if need be.

There is a mailing list at:

- Mike

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