Re: [gnome-love] GSoC 2010 Proposal (fast image viewer)

2010/3/21 Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>:
On Fri, 2010-03-19 at 21:23 +0200, Aleksey Kunitskiy wrote:

I'm student who is interested in implementing an OpenGL-accelerated
image viewer/organizer using C++/gtkmm/gtkglextmm for GNOME project.
I know there is a couple of projects such as eog[1], gThumb[2] and
gliv[3] that implement viewer[1], viewer+organizer[2] and
OpenGL accelerated viewer-only[3], but mine is kinda of coupling
those features listed above in one app. My application will be:

You might like to work on solang, which seems to match up well with
your interests. I think it's more active than this page suggests:

Indeed, solang moved to GNOME infraestructure: [1]

Javier Jardón Cabezas

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