Re: [gnome-love] a Google Summer of Code application for Media / Multimedia operations

Hi Roberto,

Le mardi 18 mars 2008, à 00:13 -0300, Roberto Fagá a écrit :
Hello for everyone

I was writing an application to Summer of Code, and Gnome was selected
again. Is here the right place to find anyone to tell me if my idea is
eligible for Gnome? Or should I try usability/another list? Let me
(try to) be small and objective about the idea.
It is a media operator, or multimedia if you prefer (I've some
contests about this), a program to let to user the capable of
converting videos, audio and images across different formats, plus
extract audio from videos, merge image and audio into a video and
these kind of operations. I thought in a set of glade interfaces which
user select easily the operation (here enters the usability) and
commands run on background using already existing tools for
conversion/operations, like MEncoder and Transcoder or even libraries
like GStreamer. I'm thinking in do a command template to run these
operations, guaranteeing portability and new operations could be
easily added by the community (something like QDVDAuthor does). This
applications could be integrated with Nautilus and others gnome
tools/apps, bringing easy use to user on daily use (how many 'use's).

While this sounds interesting, it's likely that GNOME won't accept a
project like this because it's not something that will improves what
currently exists, and because this kind of program is not interesting
for too many people.

Suggestions? Is this project nice to Gnome or should I try another
organization (like GStreamer and limit the application to GStreamer
only) ?

Yes, you can try asking GStreamer. FWIW, in all cases, I wouldn't use
mencoder or anything else except GStreamer for this kind of stuff.

Good luck,


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