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Good Afternoon -

The Council for Nonprofit Innovation is pleased to announce The 2007 Foundation and Nonprofit Performance Conference.   

This event will equip you with a better understanding of best practices for maximizing the performance of your organization, and proven strategies you will use in all of your major program areas.  Dialogue not only with the top nonprofits minds from across the country, but also with peer organizations that are engaging in many of the same implementation challenges as your organization.  We hope you can join us at the most comprehensive performance management event of the year for the nonprofit sector.

May I send you a copy of the agenda?





Jessica Ward
Director of Development, The Council for Nonprofit Innovation,
1515 N. Courthouse Road, Suite 600, Arlington, VA 22201
Tel: 703-894-0481 | Fax: 703-894-0482

Stay Ahead of New Performance Mandates and Criteria!!!

























































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