[gnome-love] Sign up here to embark on a quest to kill CRITICAL warnings

Hi all.

A couple of days ago we experimented with adding G_DEBUG=fatal_warnings
to the default session, but it turned out that everything started
crashing then since it bombs out on simple g_warning() calls etc.

Vincent then made a patch for glib that adds G_DEBUG=fatal_criticals

This can be found here:

If you are brave please apply this patch to glib and add a line like

putenv ("G_DEBUG=fatal_criticals"); to
gnome-session/gnome-session/main.c at the beginning of main().

I ran into a problem with bug-buddy crashing after doing this on my
rawhide system and filed a bug for that here:


Not sure if that will cause problems on other systems, but it made it
hard for me to file bugs against anything...

There's also an issue where bonobo-activation-server needs to redirect
debug output for components to separate pipes so that this ends up
in .xsession-errors or the equivalent file for every user. Maybe
Federico can chime in with the details on that issue.

Happy crashing :-)


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