Re: [gnome-love] GTK customisation (OT?)

On Thu, May 19, 2005 at 12:29:01AM +0100, Magnus Therning wrote:
How can I make user-specific modifications to a GTK2 theme?

I assume the file ~/.gtkrc-1.2-gnome2 is loaded for GTK1 apps in GNOME,
and then I can create the file ~/.gtkrc.mine and put stuff in there to
customise GTK1 (I haven't actually tested this though). However, I can't
find any pointers for doing the same with GTK2.

I used,
$ strace ./scroll.exe 2>&1| grep gtkrc

(scroll.exe being a trivial GTK2 program, basically anything which calls
gtk_init I believe is sufficient) to determine the following gtkrc



1) en_GB is my locale
2) jon is my username (thus $HOME=/home/jon)[1
3) DebianRed-jmtd is my current theme/style as selected in GNOME[a]

[a] someone may be able to elaborate on where this setting is kept, e.g.
gconf or something

Jon Dowland
PGP fingerprint: 7032F238

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