[gnome-love] applets desparately in need of love!

Hey All,

We all use 'em, but often we never realise how bad some of 'em really
are. I'm talking about applets, the little programs that run in your

For 2.10, some applets are in serious need of love (this list will get
 - Inbox Monitor
        This applet just doesn't seem to fit in properly. I'm tempted to
        let it be replaced with an applet from Evolution since that's
        the official mail client. However, perhaps someone can come up
        with a cool new clean look for this.

 - Modem Lights
        This applet is full of confusing options that noone understands.
        Users should never, ever see options like "Lock File" or "Use
        ISDN" we should get these values from somewhere for ourselves.
        gnome-system-tools might offer us some of what we require.

 - CD Player
        This should be discussed with the gnome-media gurus. However
        the CD Player applet is dating badly. In today's gstreaming
        world, applications should try their best to use what's around.

Many of the applets currently in GNOME are very dated (some are just
direct ports of GNOME1.x applets) so it's entirely possible that you'll
have to start from scratch. Don't let this bother you, it'll probably
save you sanity in the long run. Plus, I well designed applet doesn't
have to start off running in the panel, it's easy enough to embed it in
the panel once you have it working (see JamesH's new drivemount applet
in CVS).

Feel free to reply on list or drop me a private line if you want/need
any help. Happy hacking.


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