[gnome-love] Project needing volunteers -- bug review


A little while ago I sent an email to desktop-devel-list about a new
bugzilla script to find bugs that were blocked by various freezes in
the release process that could probably be acted on now.  Some of
these included old patches from many releases ago that had been
approved for when the code freezes were over, but had been forgotten
and still haven't been applied.  Only a handful of bugs from that list
have been acted upon, and there are still 26 left as of right now. 
I'd like to make it easier for maintainers to act upon them so I need
a volunteer, or perhaps multiple volunteers, to do gather the
following information about each of the bugs in the list:

product & component
bug #
whether the bug has a patch (or even multiple patches).  If it does:
  how old the patch is
  whether the patch still applies cleanly against CVS HEAD (if it
doesn't, please
    also add a note about this to the bug itself too)
summary (the current bug summary may be enough but look for extra things
  that may be useful, such as extra comments that may have been added--it's
  possible the only action that needs to be taken is to remove the
  BLOCKED_BY_FREEZE keyword or mark the patch as needs-work to get the
  bug off the list)

I'd like to mail this list to d-d-l along with the names of the person
or people who put it together.  Please email me if you are interested.
 Information that may be of use to you:

The list of bugs needing review:

A short overview on how to apply patches:
(Note that having a patch apply cleanly means that the patch command
reports no messages like "HUNK 1 of 3 failed")

An overview of checking out modules from CVS
(By default, checkouts from CVS are from CVS HEAD, so once you have
the code checked out, you can then run patch to see if the patches in
bugzilla still apply)


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