Re: [gnome-love] Boston Summit

Steven Garrity <stevelist silverorange com> writes:

Christopher Stawarz wrote:
I live in the Boston area, so I'm thinking it'd be cool to attend the
GNOME Summit at MIT next weekend.  However, I'm very new to GNOME
development (mostly just been messing around with the Python bindings),
so I'm wondering if I'll be completely lost and/or useless at the
meeting.  Does anyone have any thoughts on whether the summit is a good
place for newcomers looking to get involved?

I'm in the same position. I'm primarily interested in the visual and
UI aspects of Gnome (I've been working with the Visual Identity Team
for Firefox).

I get the impression this will be "working weekend". Should those with
a peripheral interest bother coming?

Maybe. (-:

It is intended to be a working weekend, and there really aren't any
explicit events for new developers.  A lot of the discussions will be
technical in nature, and probably not have a lot of background covered.
There certainly won't be presentations like there are at GUADEC.

However, we certainly aren't going to turn people away.  If you are
interested in GNOME development and want to watch it happen, by all
means, show up.  You might find it interesting and learn a lot.  You'll
get a chance to meet other GNOME people.  It kind of comes down to your


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