Re: [gnome-love] Change SplashScreen pygtk script

to be integrate into gnome, you need to take care about i18 (?), HIG
and some other things, which "my" script don't! mine needs more works
to deserve be part of gnome desktop, I'm planing to do some pygtk
scripts... (interface to init.d and so) so what I done so far is just
sort of playing/learning!

P.S. sorry Luis for duplicate

On Wed, 03 Nov 2004 19:57:16 +0100, Luis Lopez Lopez <xuzo ikossi org> wrote:
Since a lot of users want to change his splash screen, why not integrate
something (gtweakui, only splash/css/gsplash) in gnome capplets?

May be I lost some previous thread about this?

El mié, 03-11-2004 a las 01:25 +0100, Daniel Holbach escribió:


gtweakui ( solves the same matter... :-)
(Screenshot here:
I guess a load of people actually thought on the same lines.


Am Dienstag, den 02.11.2004, 23:51 +0100 schrieb Luis Lopez Lopez:

This is my first mail to gnome-love. Hello to all!

I, based on a previous work of a friend of mine, wrote some time ago a
similar utility called gsplash.
At the moment its written in perl-gtk2, but if somebody is interested in
porting to C, I can help in this project.

You can find it at:
Debian packages: "deb ./"

PD. Pages are in spanish.

El dom, 31-10-2004 a las 06:24 +0000, b. adel escribió:
a simple script to change splash screen!


what do you think?

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