[gnome-love] Re: GNOME Lovers Needed: l10n work for locations database

lör 2004-12-11 klockan 18:02 +0100 skrev Keld Jørn Simonsen:
Remember that all strings in the Locations.xml.in file should be in the
C locale (US english). This means that locations should use their
American names or anglicized names. Otherwise use the local name. If you
use an anglicized name, add a comment to the XML so that translators
know about the local name.

Anglicized names are not necessarily obvious. When you mention that, you
should mention your source. I have been using the preferences of the
English Wikipedia and the recommendations of The Oxford Style Guide
(R M Ritter, Oxford University Press, 2002), but I really believe
different US style guides will recommend different things. It would be
good if you could find one which has some good recommendations on city
naming and use (and recommend) that.

Why not just use the local names, they are easier to establish, and
probably also easier to translate, as this does not have to go thru two
translations (native -> English -> translated) but only one (native ->

There's no guarantee that the native name will always be more obvious to
the translator than the anglicised name. Even if that may be true in
many cases, there's no guarantee it will be that way in all cases.

In addition, we require all other source strings to be spelled using
American English, in order to bring consistency to the translators (and
probably also users who do not specify any translation at all). Thus, I
don't see the point in bringing inconsistency in breaking this policy
regarding these names. Especially not as we've stated multiple times
that all entries should already be labelled with a comment specifying
the native name in case it's different from the anglicised name in the
msgid, so that the translator will have both sources of information
anyway in order to be able to produce a correct translation.


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