Re: [gnome-love] gtop

Chema Celorio <chema celorio com> writes:

On Thu, 2002-05-23 at 11:25, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
Archit Baweja <bighead users sourceforge net> writes:


I think that project has already been taken, and ported, and developed
by Kevin Vandersloot. He's done a great job too. Its call GNOME-System-Monitor
now. Contact him for more help. Or fix bugs listed in bugzilla.

If you're interested in this kind of thing, libgtop needs a lot of help
as well.  It's the system information library that procman uses.  It's
pretty unmaintained right now, and could use a cleanup and some fixes
(or maybe even a rewrite.)  You want to coordinate with Kevin

lets go for a cleanup ;-), don't say the rew**e word in public please.

Rewrite[1] is fine, so long as we aren't dependent on it.  Cleanup is
fine too.  There's a lot of room for a lot of love here -- just look at
what's happening in glade land.


[1] Which, given the current state, it could certainly use.

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