Re: [gnome-love] Where to start?

On Mon, 2002-02-18 at 05:59, Matt Thompson wrote:
Hello, I have a few questions.  Everyone always says that the best way to 
learn programming, is to find something you want to program, and then figure 
out which language woul best suit your needs.  Well, I am very interested in 
creating a fantasy sports league manager software.  I was thinking of making 
it web based, since i'm guessing most fantasy baseball owners are windows 
users.  The only programming I know is basic, and some very basic cobol, from 
a college class I took.  I am very interested in using this a a learning 

The final program hopefully would have a good draft program, player 
transactions, automatic scoring updates, and a player database going back 5 
years or so.  

I want to make this using open source tools, so I was wondering what you guys 
thought i should tackle first?  If this is an improper list to ask these 
questions, where would you suggest i ask?

You should first learn perl or php for your web interface coding (CGI)
and mysql perhaps for your database backend. I don't think gnome is much
of a use in this scenario.


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