[gnome-love] need help with GConf in a program

hi all
I have started making a new program called GnetChange. It's for laptop
users so they can change their networksettings on-the-fly. To store all
the different network settings I want to use GConf, but I'm not 100%
familiar with how this works the smartest way. Is there anybody out
there knowledge about this and who wants to help me with answering my
questions - and maybe correct my code when im wrong.

Currently there's not much in the CVS, but there is a compilable version
that shows the GUI (and segfaults because of a GConf problem I haven't
worked out yet). http://sourceforge.net/projects/gnetchange

you can contact me via 
ICQ: 34456892 
mail: kim gnome dk (not .org) 

Hope that sombody out there can see the need for this program and wants
to help me with it. 

Best regards
Kim Schulz


[              http://www.schulz.dk - En nørds bekendelser!            ]
[       http://www.guadec.org - tapas, beer and gnome to the people    ]

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