Re: [gnome-love] what if data files were active objects ?

On Sun, Apr 28, 2002 at 07:08:12PM +0200, Benoit Rouits wrote:
I just wondered this night why user data files are still passive 
files in GNOME.
Here are some ways of reflection:
bonobo provides us a way to see a component quite like an object but the
component just have methods to handle some data which is actually separated
to the component. A good thing for GNOME would be to provide standards bonobo
component (not particularly graphic) to handle any of classic type of files,
with a common interface for a common data structure.
E.G: 'word document' would have the same methods whatever its raw data format
Yes, it is idealistic, but it is just to encourage us to make more reusable
code, such that applications could delegate some work. Also, a contextual
menu of a graphic representation of a file could just call the bonobo
methods to its type. Of course, one have to define a stable class hirearchy
to handle any kind of document structure.

OS/2 WPS was like this. However, it was built on SOM while Bonobo is based on
COM (afaik), so I don't know how well Bonobo would support such a thing.

Here's a description of the WPS DataFile object:\html\book\Toolkt40\WPS1.INF+29

The rest of the docs are here:

OpenDoc also was built on SOM, btw.

Greg Merchan

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