Re: [gnome-love] natilus text component compilation issues.

Awsome, thanks a lot, I was planning on porting it to GtkTextView anyhow
but wanted to see if i could get it to compile first, silly me :)

-Joschi (happy that he now has something to occupy himself with)

If you compare the gtk 1.2 headers to the 2.0 headers you will see that the
those fields in the GtkEditable structure are no longer public. The solution
is to use the api available -
gtk_editable_get_selection_bounds instead of the data structrue itsself -

gint start_pos, end_pos;
gboolean has_selection;
has_selection = gtk_editable_get_selection_bounds (text_widget, &start_pos,

Nautilus text view should really be ported to GtkTextView instead of the
deprecated GtkText widget that it currently uses, hence it would no longer
be derived from GtkEditable.


Josh .. Yoshi .. Joschi .. ..

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