[gnome-love]Re: another task request

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 08:44:24AM -0400, Chema Celorio wrote:

there is a small (but annoying bug) in gnumeric cvs
for the non-bonobo build.

How do I make a "non-bonobo" build?  Does a configure option implement
this or does a separate non-bonobo gnumeric CVS source tree exist?

For programs like gnumeric which have their own RPM package, what is the
best way to perform the code/build/test cycle?   What I mean is that I
have a ximian gnumeric RPM package on my machine already.   The only way
I know of to code/build/test my stuff is to do the following steps:

1. save the "known good" RPM just in case I really mess something up
2. do a make dist in the source tree
3. rpm -ta gnumeric.tar.gz
4. install the rpm package on top of what I already have

Right now my ximian RPM packages are installed to /usr.  Could I just
install my "development" version to /usr/local and run it from there
without any conflicts?

Nathan Cullen
furyu fuse net

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