Error when connecting to the Nextcloud server: expired certificate (ISRG Root X1Let’sEncrypt)

Hi Friends,

Using Nextcloud 21.0.4 on Debian9/10,
after the last september 2021 server renewal of Let’sEncrypt certificate, Gnome Accounts client (Nextcloud) shown the error message “Invalid TLS certificate” when we try to add a Nextcloud account.

To the server side we have used “” for obtains the certs with the option:

--preferred-chain "isrg"

building the chain certs without the X1 ISRG Root certificate, leaving the SO client to give it, due to the recent changes made by Let'sEncrypt: --> "We do not use the X1, X2, X3, and X4 intermediates anymore."

We have seen that this procedure is working with some clients/servers, with official Nextcloud clients, but *not* for Gnome Accounts (Nextcloud)! Please, could you suggest us, if there are other procedures to be carried out?

Many thanks!


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