Re: [jmm] Bluetooth tricks?

Hi i fiddled with it also.

in fact: buy another BT-Dongle that works better.

Am 28.12.21 um 06:19 schrieb James Moe via gnome-list:
   Gnome 41.2
   opensuse tumbleweed 20211223
   linux 5.15.8-1-default x86_64
   bluez 5.62-2.1

   Bluetooth on this host has never been a jolly affair; it has always been
persnickety on gnome/opensuse/linux. Whenever I boot the computer, I must diddle
with bluetooth settings (on/off, connect) a bit to get a connection to a
bluetooth speaker (a Bose unit).
   Initially connections are made and dropped, made again, dropped, (repeat), and
finally made. All this time the speaker is proclaiming "connected!",
"disconnected!", etc.
   With the most recent update of the system, bluetooth simply refuses to
function. In Settings it shows as turned off. If I turn it on, it shows it is in
Airplane mode, When I disable that, bluetooth turns off. Round and round.
   I gave up.

   Can anyone suggest some magical incantations that will have bluetooth behave
as a reliable service?

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