Re: how/where to find Gnome Preferences Tool?

On 4/4/21 7:24 PM, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
On Sun, 2021-04-04 at 12:23 -0400, ken wrote:

Looking at and following the Desktop User Guide, I was trying to create a new theme (and do a few other things explained there).  I already have and have been using the tweak tool quite a bit, but what is explained in that userguide does not correspond at all to the what's in the tweak tool... iow, it doesn't seem to be the same app, the Preference Tool, mentioned in the userguide.

Themes are a developer, not a user topic.

Maybe start @,then%20the%20developer%20can%20start%20editing%20the%20files.

Thanks for that link.  It's exactly what I'd want were I to get into gtk development.  Unfortunately, I can't do all that right now.  I've done a bit of development in the past, but at the moment I have many other things I need to do first.  Maybe later. First I need to set up this new system so I can use it. So for the time being, I'm just looking to make some quick configuration changes... those which are still possible.

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