Re: Unable to move desktop icons

On 7/26/20 9:50 PM, James Moe via gnome-list wrote:

  There was an option in one of the settings panels that gave a choice about
icon placement in the older gnome version. I cannot find it now.

  I searched the Gnome documentation. I could fine almost nothing about icons.
What single reference did show yielded this:

The requested URL /users/gnote/unstable/panel-menu.html.en was not found on this

  However, a web search found the app/extension "Desktop Folders" which restores
the positioning options of the icons.
  It lad to the discovery that there is a no-go area on the right side of the
desktop that is the same width as the list of workspaces. Icons do not move into
that area. It was not a problem in earlier versions of Gnome.

James Moe
moe dot james at sohnen-moe dot com

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