Re: Setting preferred applications

On Fri, 29 Nov 2019 at 20:54, Volker Wysk <post volker-wysk de> wrote:

I know how to set some preferred applications in Einstellungen ->
Informationen -> Vorgabeanwendugen (~ system settings -> information ->
default applications). But how to set the preferred PDF viewer and 
terminal emulator?

I don't think GNOME has a way to set a preferred terminal emulator, but in Debian, Ubuntu etc you can use the update-alternatives command to set x-terminal-emulator.

You can configure which app to use for certain filetypes, eg use evince for PDF, when they're opened in the Nautilus file manager. Right click on a file of that type, select "Properties" from the menu, then select the "Open with" tab. Choose the application then click "Set as default". Sorry, I am also ignorant of the German translations for these.

I think XDG and its utilities provide a way to manage this sort of thing too.


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