Re: gdm loops into gdm

Sorry, it is not

systemctl restart gdm

It is... 

sudo systemctl enable gdm


sudo systemctl start gdm

But this did not help. 

gdm still boots into gdm after login. 

After doing research I found that this has to do with tty0 and tty1. Somehow gdm is set wrong to display and comes back to tty0?! 


Carl-Valentin Schmitt <cv schmitt gmail com> schrieb am Do., 14. Juni 2018, 20:02:
Hello... Here is acer 3830TG with nvidia cuda geforce 540M. Solus Linux 3.999 is running with gnome. 

I made a failure with nvidia package.
I thought nvidia video package for 32 bit would be necessary for Installation of steam.

So I made rollback and removed nvidia 32 bit package. This affected gnome with gdm so that gdm is not booting into desktop any more. Instead gdm bumps back to gdm, as if password is ignored for login.

I made reinstallation of gnome-shell with gdm and reinstalled nvidia 390 package.
I Did systemctl restart gdm - But nothing helped.
gdm returns to gdm. 

Any idea?

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