Re: Gnome 3 keybindings in source ? Where are ctrl-c ? (cut, copy and paste) defined?

Yes basically, i need a pointer to find where this one is, and from that i guess the others (cut, paste, and a few others) should be close. I did not want to bother in my first message listing all the shortcuts i want to modify. I may even add a few additions by myself, since i did a few years of C and CPP in the past

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2017-01-16 20:22 GMT+01:00 Iiro Laiho <iiro iirolaiho net>:
16.01.2017, 13:47, mait wrote:
You said you wanted Ctrl-C to do a "copy".  That is an executable.

There hardly was any kind of ambiguity there. The Ctrl-C copies selected text to clipboard on most systems, so one should understand it by context. By the way, there usually even isn't a copy command on *nix systems, it is named cp instead.

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