file name "title" for apps shown in bottom bar

In the bottom bar within gnome I have a lot of apps open and running. There are so many that, unfortunately, the buttons aren't very wide and consequently there are displayed only the icons for the and I can't see the relevant file names. This makes opening the app to work on the desired file take a lot of time and completely a guessing game.

I seem to recall the capability in earlier versions of gnome (I'm using v.3.x) that when I hovered the mouse pointer over a button in the bottom bar, text would pop up (like a "title" in HTML) showing the name of the app and the relevant file name, e.g., "emacs ~/myfile.txt".

Is this functionality available in gnome v.3.x...? If so, how do I configure gnome to turn it on?

If this functionality isn't available in gnome v.3, how would I put it into a "wish list" for future gnome development?

thanks much in advance.

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