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Thanks Ken,

Well, I'm smarter than the basic Google guy.  But it's been many years since I first installed GIMP, so I s'pose I just wanted to ask someone smarter than me HOW to upgrade.

Like - when I download the latest version, will it work on my system?  Will it upgrade my old version, or do I need to delete that first?  I guess I still have questions before I proceed.  Will you help me?

BTW - I'm stuck w/WinXP for now, but hope to be done with it, ASAP - can you help me with that, too (I've toyed with Linux, but never got very far)?

P.S. Thanks for taking the time to reply - and
NO, I NEVER expected to have been forced back into WinXP, again - although, it's actually a rather solid OS... beats the s*t out of W98 (and it's successor) and Vista (and yes, I've also had W7 and W10).

On 4/21/2017 5:20 AM, ken wrote:
On 04/21/2017 01:16 AM, Alan Jacobson wrote:
I currently have GIMP 2.6.11 installed on a Dell D600 running WinXP, but would like to update to the latest possible version.  How do I do that?


Normally I would recommend googling "gimp upgrade".  That would lead you to gimp's web page(s) with its offerings and instructions.  But I don't believe they'll have anything which runs on WinXP.  Still you could try it. 

I'd recommend, though, and much more strongly, that you upgrade out of WinXP.  It's not secure and it'll likely catch a virus eventually if you use it on the internet.  If you can't afford MS's prices on upgrades, give some time to consider Linux.  (The D600 is a 686, isn't it?)  If you have sufficient disk space, you could even set up Linux to dual-boot, so you'd have WinXP in reserve for any number of reasons.  Linux would be much more secure and would provide an upgrade path if none exists for WinXP.

Last but not least, this list is for gnome and has pretty much nothing to do with gimp.  Moreover, this list is pretty much dead; you won't get answers here, even when they're about gnome.  In addition, there are mailing lists-- well, at least one, directly pertinent to gimp and it can't be less active than this one.

Good luck.

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