Gnome on mobile

Long story short, I setup KDE plasma mobile in lxc with a cyanogenmod back end on my nexus, and it worked. Still wishing for some gnome love, I said hey, let's install gnome into that lxc container too. Added it to the display manager, and low and behold, gnome 3.20 worked with little effort. Yes, a good amount of tweaking is necessary to make it useable on the screen, it is not perfect out of the box by any means.

Question now is, since gnome will run similar to how KDE plasma mobile is doing it, was any discussion ever held on pushing into the mobile space? Obviously there's no dialer, SMS tool, etc. The shell itself could be tweaked to better fit the small, higher resolution, screen. I realize there was a mobile/embedded initiative awhile back, but as far as I can tell it was abandoned.

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