HiDPI, laptop, external display, font size...

While HiDPI works a lot better nowadays, there are still some parts
that needs a bit more polish. I use a ThinkPad X1 Carbon 4th gen, with
a 1440p 14" screen which gives about 210 PPI. To get reasonable UI
that isn't too big or too small I use Window scaling of 1, and a
Scaling Factor of 0.5, with fonts in Gnome, Emacs and RXVT set to

When I get to work and connect my Dell 28" 3840x2160 monitor at about
160 PPI, I've configured my setup to disable the laptop monitor as I
only use that external screen. What I get to now is the need-of-polish
part. The GDM login screen is now insanely tiny. I can barely read
what it says, and once logged in everything else is ofc also tiny.

My remedy to this is to change the Scaling Factor back to 1.0, and
everything is at the expected size on the external monitor again.

I do this every morning (0.5 -> 1.0), and every evening (1.0 -> 0.5).
It would be nice if Gnome remembered the settings per monitor basis
instead, and thus dealing with the switching on its own.

How are other people dealing with this?

I'm currently using Fedora 25, using Gnome 3.22.

Daniel Svensson

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