Disable Notifications for a WINE Application

Hi all,

I am running Ubuntu 15.10 with Gnome 3.16 and am using WINE (1.6) to run the windows version of password manager 1Password.

Use case is as follows:
- 1Password password store is locked (automatically after a certain time period), so master password has to be entered before password store can be used
- Use 1Password in browser to fill out login form
- 1Password GUI pops up to enter master password to unlock password store
- Gnome displays some notification like "1Password is now ready" and this notification "steals" the focus from the 1Password GUI
- Have to click 1Password GUI again, to be able to enter password.

Is there any way to disable notifications for that particular app (or WINE apps in general)?
I checked the gnome settings but neither Wine nor 1Password are not listed in the notfications section. Also could not find anything related to it in dconf.

Thanks in advance

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